Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thoughts While Being Held In Captivity

Thoughts While Being Held In Captivity

If only
Days were edible
I'd indulge myself
In their scrumptious
Until my sentence
Is over
Then I'd finally be free-
Plump as a king
Serves me right
It's about time
I return home
To my queen

Crystalline dreams
Chasing after me
Like a speeding ambulance
With its lights on fire
And Death driving
Dressed in his murky cloak
I hope he crashes
In a cornfield
Only to slash
His demon head off
With the nefarious scythe

What Wednesday tastes like
I despise Wednesdays
But if I eat every Wednesday
Withstanding its bitter taste
Tuesday would peel a Thursday
Off the calendar
As if it were a banana
Causing a chain reaction
Where Thursday
Accidentally steps on it
And slips into Friday
With the quickness

Over photographic images
In my head of home
I'm condemned
To isolation
Although, my freedom's
Bordering the horizon
And soon I'll meet it there
Where earth
Trims our sky

Looking outside
The facilities window
At rain drops
As they individually
Plummet themselves
Into the asphalt
Like a bunch of
Kamikaze pilots
With a good enough cause
To descend from
The heavens
Of the sky
So I sit
And ponder
Lost in a trance of 'tell me why'
Wishing I could leave
Just for the moment
To ask the rain
A simple question
I'm merely trying
To understand
The delicate motives
Of these droplets
Please forgive my
Starving curiosity

Notice how everyone
Thinks they've had a Sunday
Those simple minded fools
Or maybe it is I who doesn't know
And perhaps Sunday really does
Taste like vanilla ice cream
With Hershey's chocolate syrup,
And a cherry on top

The moon tells me that
Lucifer was the sexiest
Fallen Angel
So when I go to hell
I'll ask her to
Bare my children
And when I do
She'll look at me
And ask, "What does Wednesday taste like?"
At which I'll reply, "Not too bad in-between
A peanut butter and jelly sandwich".

HADES (Hungry Artist's Don't Ever Stop)

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