Sunday, October 16, 2011

In Full Effect

The best gift I've ever been given by a significant other. LARGE DRY ERASE BOARD. This was my best friend for the making of Toll Pass Vol. 1. I get my HOUSE MD on and keep my brain together.

More Store items to come. I use reverbnation and zazzle right now, lemme know who's products you like better. New podcasts coming soon.

Also, look out for a comedic skit, and much more. 

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Thursday, October 6, 2011


So for any die hard fans of jewel cases, cover art, Corntie Pedraza, and HADES, I've made Toll Pass Vol. 1 a physical LD complete with booklet and cover art and case. Unfortunately, you'll have to buy this, but of course Toll Pass Vol. 1 is still available as a free

What's more exciting about the post below this one, is when you click the little shirt that says 'Merchandise'. After clicking that button, you will see the COOLEST shirt ever. Destroyed and manipulated the cover art of TOLL PASS and put it on a black shirt for females. Back side says Hungry Artist's Don't Ever Stop!
I suggest you buy one cuz they're LEGIT!

More Merch coming soon, as well as, episodes for the podcast!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Next Line of Offense, 9th Dan, Menace OBEZ, and Kyle Hubbard

Toll Pass Vol. 1 was great. Thanks again to everyone involved. Team O.B.E.Z., 9th Dan, Potent Tai, ATOMCAT, Mick Swagger, MC Battle Kat, Cyril, L.R.O.Y., John Paul's Photography, and Cortnie Pedraza.

The Next Line of Offense will be a full LP for sale with 9th Dan with many productions from yours truly, as well HOT joints from L.R.O.Y., Mr. Mutos, Avocado, and more.

On top of that I have productions on the upcoming Kyle Hubbard release, as well as on the upcoming Menace O.B.E.Z. LP from Team O.B.E.Z.

Stay tuned.