Friday, December 23, 2011

Jus P & The Supafriendz

The more I heard Jus P, the more I realized I had to help promote this artist. His music has something for fans of classic hip hop and fans of new hip hop, and to me that is exactly what an MC needs. I asked Jus P to answer a few questions for the blog to get you more familiar with him.

HADES - You recently released a full length LP?

JUS P - The album is called Chambermusik Presents: Jus P and the Superfriendz. It was released on ChamberMusik/Fat Beats Records.

HADES - Are you happy with how it turned out?

JUS P - I'm most definitely happy with how things turned out as far as results and response to the music. It's been heavily circulated and the people responded great to it. It exceeded all my expectations and I definitely appreciate all the support.

HADES - Tell me about it the LP

JUS P - The album chronicles my encounters with chambermusik and family thus far. So the songs came from a bunch of different places and features many different people.

HADES - Favorites?

JUS P - Some of my favorite songs on the album would be Mastapeace Theatre with the BK ZU FAM or The Villain. Or The Anthem with The Shadow Clan.

HADES - The Shadow Clan is the group you started with. Tell me about them.

JUS P - Shadow Clan previously released AIM FOR THE CROWN VOL 1 and we are currently working on a new album as well as a new deal to go with it. In the future, you can expect more music from me as well as G.S. Advance, The Baritone Bros which is Skramble and Madness, Whygee Sicker Nickelz, Shogunna the whole Shadow Clan. I myself have many project in the works as well as The Shadow Clan album.

HADES - Who's your favorite new artist?

JUS P - If you ask me the hottest new artist besides myself in my outside opinion would be Action Bronson just because he is another artist that I personally seeen blow up as far as a loud rapid building buzz.

HADES - Who would you wish to collaborate with and what is your favorite LP of 2011?

JUS P - I would wish to collaborate with tech n9ne and he in my opinion had the best album of 2011 but that's just my opinion and who am I? *laughs*  PEACE

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Exclusive Song from KYLE HUBBARD + Kyle's Favorite 2011 LP

I've been acquainted with Mr. Hubbard for a few years now. The first time we met, we briefly discussed beats and rappers before I watched him take the floor and rock a crowd into a head-bobbing hypnosis. He had a very humble artistic nature about him, which I can now hear reflected effortlessly in his music. I recently asked Kyle what his favorite LP of 2011 was and he had this to say.

Kyle - My favorite LP of 2011 is Phonte's "Charity Starts At Home". The only other artist that has had such a direct impact on my own music is The Streets. I honestly never thought the world would be graced with a full fledged solo album from one of the greatest rappers (yeah, I said it) of this decade. Phonte is very much the everyman emcee, and when he spits I can see my own story in his lyrics. My favorite song off the album is "The Good Fight", and I feel like it's one of the greatest tracks released in the last 5 years. Every single word of every single bar holds so much weight and, for lack of a less cliched word, truth. "Charity Starts At Home" is very much a reflection of the story of any person trying to make ends meet with their morals intact. Fun side note, if you go back further in Phonte's career to the work he did with Little Brother you will find the place Drake got the majority of his style from. That's not a Drake knock but more of a way to illustrate how important Phonte really is to hip-hop. 

One hell of an answer. One hell of an MC. I managed to get a new song from him to promote his upcoming LP. Keep in touch with news by following my blog. Now here's Kyle Hubbard...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

NI MASCHINE getting all rubbed up on

Few mess ups. First video. Unrehearsed. Fun. Enjoy

Best Albums of 2011

So, recently I was asked what the best LP's of 2011 are. After spending two hours going through my collection, the internet, thinking and researching I finally uncovered why it was so hard to find inspiration this year. Music sucked. Everywhere. I'm not kidding, usually when I hear that I think to myself people just aren't broad enough, or looking. This year that may've been true for me, but I asked several people and consulted many lists and it just isn't that great.
I ended up with a list of 10 LP's that were pretty good but nothing I think will be considered classic 20 years from now.

10. Tom Waits - Bad As Me   Check it out
9. Jadakiss - I Love You (A Dedication To My Fans)   Jadakiss has always been one of the most underrated MC's and this mixtape brought the same sick lyrics and beats we're used to with kiss
8. Talib Kweli - Gutter Rainbows  Not quite his best LP but definitely a savior to 2011
7. Strong Arm Steady - Arms & Hammers  A short LP that got the job done
6. Das Racist - RELAX  Very refreshing and innovative
5. Del The Funky Homosapien - Golden Era  Del keeps it original and treats his fans right. Never underestimate DZL
4. The Beastie Boys - Hot Sauce Committe  Probably the LP I was most excited for this year
3. Ana Trijoux - Elefant  Still not tired of her even if it is a mixtape
2. Danny Brown - XXX  Been a long time Danny Brown fan and so glad he's getting his props with this one. Stand out tracks make this almost as good as The Hybrid
1. Man Man - Life Fantastic  This is an amazing group, live and in the studio and they impress me more than anyone else lately.

Tell us what your favorites were!!!!