Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Best Albums of 2011

So, recently I was asked what the best LP's of 2011 are. After spending two hours going through my collection, the internet, thinking and researching I finally uncovered why it was so hard to find inspiration this year. Music sucked. Everywhere. I'm not kidding, usually when I hear that I think to myself people just aren't broad enough, or looking. This year that may've been true for me, but I asked several people and consulted many lists and it just isn't that great.
I ended up with a list of 10 LP's that were pretty good but nothing I think will be considered classic 20 years from now.

10. Tom Waits - Bad As Me   Check it out
9. Jadakiss - I Love You (A Dedication To My Fans)   Jadakiss has always been one of the most underrated MC's and this mixtape brought the same sick lyrics and beats we're used to with kiss
8. Talib Kweli - Gutter Rainbows  Not quite his best LP but definitely a savior to 2011
7. Strong Arm Steady - Arms & Hammers  A short LP that got the job done
6. Das Racist - RELAX  Very refreshing and innovative
5. Del The Funky Homosapien - Golden Era  Del keeps it original and treats his fans right. Never underestimate DZL
4. The Beastie Boys - Hot Sauce Committe  Probably the LP I was most excited for this year
3. Ana Trijoux - Elefant  Still not tired of her even if it is a mixtape
2. Danny Brown - XXX  Been a long time Danny Brown fan and so glad he's getting his props with this one. Stand out tracks make this almost as good as The Hybrid
1. Man Man - Life Fantastic  This is an amazing group, live and in the studio and they impress me more than anyone else lately.

Tell us what your favorites were!!!!

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