Thursday, December 15, 2011

Exclusive Song from KYLE HUBBARD + Kyle's Favorite 2011 LP

I've been acquainted with Mr. Hubbard for a few years now. The first time we met, we briefly discussed beats and rappers before I watched him take the floor and rock a crowd into a head-bobbing hypnosis. He had a very humble artistic nature about him, which I can now hear reflected effortlessly in his music. I recently asked Kyle what his favorite LP of 2011 was and he had this to say.

Kyle - My favorite LP of 2011 is Phonte's "Charity Starts At Home". The only other artist that has had such a direct impact on my own music is The Streets. I honestly never thought the world would be graced with a full fledged solo album from one of the greatest rappers (yeah, I said it) of this decade. Phonte is very much the everyman emcee, and when he spits I can see my own story in his lyrics. My favorite song off the album is "The Good Fight", and I feel like it's one of the greatest tracks released in the last 5 years. Every single word of every single bar holds so much weight and, for lack of a less cliched word, truth. "Charity Starts At Home" is very much a reflection of the story of any person trying to make ends meet with their morals intact. Fun side note, if you go back further in Phonte's career to the work he did with Little Brother you will find the place Drake got the majority of his style from. That's not a Drake knock but more of a way to illustrate how important Phonte really is to hip-hop. 

One hell of an answer. One hell of an MC. I managed to get a new song from him to promote his upcoming LP. Keep in touch with news by following my blog. Now here's Kyle Hubbard...

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