Friday, December 23, 2011

Jus P & The Supafriendz

The more I heard Jus P, the more I realized I had to help promote this artist. His music has something for fans of classic hip hop and fans of new hip hop, and to me that is exactly what an MC needs. I asked Jus P to answer a few questions for the blog to get you more familiar with him.

HADES - You recently released a full length LP?

JUS P - The album is called Chambermusik Presents: Jus P and the Superfriendz. It was released on ChamberMusik/Fat Beats Records.

HADES - Are you happy with how it turned out?

JUS P - I'm most definitely happy with how things turned out as far as results and response to the music. It's been heavily circulated and the people responded great to it. It exceeded all my expectations and I definitely appreciate all the support.

HADES - Tell me about it the LP

JUS P - The album chronicles my encounters with chambermusik and family thus far. So the songs came from a bunch of different places and features many different people.

HADES - Favorites?

JUS P - Some of my favorite songs on the album would be Mastapeace Theatre with the BK ZU FAM or The Villain. Or The Anthem with The Shadow Clan.

HADES - The Shadow Clan is the group you started with. Tell me about them.

JUS P - Shadow Clan previously released AIM FOR THE CROWN VOL 1 and we are currently working on a new album as well as a new deal to go with it. In the future, you can expect more music from me as well as G.S. Advance, The Baritone Bros which is Skramble and Madness, Whygee Sicker Nickelz, Shogunna the whole Shadow Clan. I myself have many project in the works as well as The Shadow Clan album.

HADES - Who's your favorite new artist?

JUS P - If you ask me the hottest new artist besides myself in my outside opinion would be Action Bronson just because he is another artist that I personally seeen blow up as far as a loud rapid building buzz.

HADES - Who would you wish to collaborate with and what is your favorite LP of 2011?

JUS P - I would wish to collaborate with tech n9ne and he in my opinion had the best album of 2011 but that's just my opinion and who am I? *laughs*  PEACE

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