Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I thought I'd put this out on here before I put it on the official website tomorrow. For all you fans dying to hear some of ROTTEN FLESH! It's not long, we're approaching the week before release date tomorrow. Rotten Flesh will be in iTunes 2/2/12.

Monday, January 16, 2012

New Music Video from ROTTEN FLESH

Big shout out to Menace O.B.E.Z. Divine Born-Allah, DaSunofSam, Rest Zu, Cortnie Pedraza my one n only, Roy Perkins, Potent Tai, Team OBEZ, Friends of Sound the best record store in Austin, and all the supporters and viewers and fans! Here is the first music video for my upcoming LP with Menace OBEZ, ROTTEN FLESH

Friday, January 13, 2012

Toll PASS Vol.1 2011

Mixtape: HADES (Hungry Artists Don’t Ever Stop) - GetRightMusic

Last Year's free mixtape from HADES + LEGIT RHYTHMS

Rotten Flesh

Rotten Flesh is COMPLETE! First single and music video will be released this evening!

Rotten Flesh is an independent LP being released digitally Feb. 2nd 2012. The LP is by Menace O.B.E.Z. & HADES (Hungry Artists Don't Ever Stop) 
Rotten Flesh is a concept album where Menace OBEZ is assassinated and finds himself in HADES. He has to rap, battle and climb his way back out to see the takeover of Team OBEZ through. No one has ever escaped from HADES before. 

For those unfamiliar, Meance OBEZ has been down with Ol’ Dirty Bastard from the start, and besides being his God Brother, performed, recorded and learned the art of Hip-Hop under him. For years O.D.B.’s right-hand man Buddha Monk, and countless other of his Brooklyn Zu compadres tried to convince Menace OBEZ to put out his own album or mixtape, and finally, in cooperation with Chambermusik, he has finally done so last year called No Copy Cats Please. 

He was also featured heavily on the 2011 HADES (Hungry Artists Don't Ever Stop)mixtape Toll Pass Vol. 1

Menace OBEZ created Onebody Ent and Team OBEZ and linked up with HADES (Hungry Artists Don't Ever Stop) to release the first of an onslaught of LP's with various producers. Rotten Flesh will be available feb 2 on itunes under HADES (Hungry Artists Don't Ever Stop) indie record label Legit Rhythms.
The official fan page for Rotten Flesh is at
and the official website/blogpage is

HADES (Hungry Artists Don't Ever Stop)is a music producer (among other things) residing in Austin, TX. He operates completely independently with fellow producer L.R.O.Y (Legitimate Rhythms Own You) running Legit Rhythms a multimedia creative outlet for artists. Last year he dropped a mixtape Toll Pass Vol. 1 and set to release a new mixtape early this year featuring production and mcing from around the globe. In addition to producing the entire Rotten Flesh LP, later this year he is set to release All Gunz Blazin', the debut LP of much anticipated UK rapped 9th Dan produced entirely by HADES. The LP has rumored to have LMNO from Visionaries on it. HADES has also promised an EP with Potent Tai, a New Jersey rapper living in Austin who has a guest spot on Rotten Flesh, and a his solo producer debut LP 'The Unscene'.

Rotten Flesh is produced entirely by HADES (Hungry Artists Don't Ever Stop) It features Brooklyn Zu's DaSunofSam, Rest Zu, Divine Born-Allah, Potent Tai, 9th Dan, Mickey Swagz, Tha Conceited Rhyma aka Mizz Phaze & DJ Coach One. It was mixed, mastered, arranged, and produced by HADES (Hungry Artists Don't Ever Stop) in his home studio, using tracks recorded across the country, and sometime world sent to him by email from Menace OBEZ and other features. There is a cameo of model Cortnie Pedraza in the intro and the album artwork was done by Josh Torrez an artist living in Austin, TX. The video for the first single Say U Be was filmed and directed by Roy Perkins and written by HADES. 

The Story of HADES
HADES is the ruler of the underworld. After bargaining and ultimately tricking Orpheus, he was taught the art of song by Orpheus himself. Shortly afterwards HADES ascended and began seeking out hungry artist's to collaborate with and unleash his profound stories in the form of song.

Toll Pass Vol. 1 is also available as a podcast at itunes with more episodes and exclusive interviews. 

Monday, January 9, 2012

OneBody ENT. Team OBEZ presents ROTTEN FLESH

Rotten flesh the album is coming. Ol' Dirty Bastard lives on through music and family.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Single From 9th Dan + Who is SHADOWSTAR BOXER?

I've recently released the first single and music video to my project with 9th Dan called ALL GUNZ BLAZIN'. We plan on finishing and releasing the LP this year. Big thank you to ROY PERKINS the director of the video and thanks to all the great MC's on the track.

Here's a bit about the homie who starts off the track!

Shadowstar Boxer has grown as a lyricist. From humble 

beginnings in 2001 with Shadowstar Boxing Academy to 

rocking the mic on the regular for Chess Move Cartel, 

this emceee is consistently building a monument to good 

music and good hip hop. After helping to complete CMC 4 

album projects and many other adventures, some of the 

greatest maturing minds in music have stepped up to 

provide top beats and rhymes that help to push Shadowstar 

Boxer's growth to new heights.

Albums: Dojo Animation (SBA), What Should I Write About 

(SBA), The Secret Manual (SBA), HipHop4Breakfast, Furious 

Jabs (CMC), 9 Strategic Lives (CMC), 1000 Masters (CMC), 

Evolution Of Original (CMC)

Download the HIP HOP 4 BREAKFAST: BUFFET 2011 mixtape at

Download BLACK IVORY feat. Azon Blaze at

Monday, January 2, 2012

Introducing...POTENT TAI

I asked Potent Tai for a quick bio to share with you all. It is completely unnecessary because I believe you will all be very familiar with the man soon, as he possesses great talent and will soon be a common name in hip hop history.

What up y'all, They call me PO short ofcourse for Potent Tai. I'm originally from Newark , NJ the Garden State. Home of Redman, Naughty By nature, Queen Latifah just to name a few. I grew up listening to all genres of music so my style is pretty versatile. I love music from creating to spinning it. I attend the Art Institute Of Austin right now for Audio Production and loving every every minute of my time here in the ATX! I've been getting so much love it's ridiculous. Shout out to whole 102.3 where I'm interning right now w/ my alter ego MIC HYPE - DJ/Radio Personality. You can find me on FB @ Or follow me on twitter @MIC_HYPE.Support MIC w/ @ "LIKE". Shout to HADES and The whole LEGIT RYTHYMS movement, "We takin OVAAAAA" (in my khaled voice) #Lehgo

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